08 Feb Tips for Sharing Ministry Space – Part 6: Time for Decor – Hanging Stuff Up

This post is part of a series on how to share environment space with other ministry teams. It might also be helpful for children’s ministry leaders that work in a portable setting.

Time for Decor!


IMG_1258Normally, when you hang anything on the walls, you affix them somewhat permanently. Either you hang them with a hammer and nails or some sort of adhesive (3M command strips, etc). The problem comes when what you’ve hung, has to come down each week. Hanging things with the traditional methods mentioned above can be troublesome for those of us who share environment space.

  • You have to start the entire process over every time you hang something up.
  • You spend a lot of unnecessary time and effort hanging things from scratch each week.
  • You have evidence of what was hanging left behind (a nail hole or ripped paint from the walls) and possibly damaged walls.

Obviously, none of those scenarios are ideal when you have to put things up and take them down all the time.

IMG_0614For example, we love to hang things from the ceiling, but climbing the ladder to tape things up and pull them back down each week was arduous. We actually found we hung things less and less each week because it was just too much work. This made our environment feel very sterile. It wasn’t nearly as kid-friendly or engaging. We knew we needed a different solution, so we made the stuff we hang on our walls and ceiling portable. You can see the specifics about how we hang things and why we hang things in the tips section of our Resource Tab.

While it is a bit of extra work to hang things up and take them down each week, we feel it adds an extra fun layer to our environment. It enhances the theme and helps kids make connections. It helps make what we are trying to convey – stick!

How about you? Do you have any tips for hanging things in a way that makes it easy to put them up and take them down?