Ready Set Sunday is all about SHARING ideas on how to create irresistible church environments for kids. If you use 252 Basics curriculum for elementary age kids, you know there is a theme each month to go with the virtue. Each month we’ll share what we’ve done to create our environment at Community Christian Church.

But, we want to know what you’re doing too!

Here’s how you can share your ideas:

  1. Take pictures of your environment while it’s “in progress”. (optional)
  2. Take pictures of the final product.
  3. Write up an entry we can post about what you did, and how you did it. Please keep these entries under 500 words. (optional)
  4. Include:
    • Your name.
    • Your church name.
    • Your church’s location.
    • Your church’s website.
    • Your personal website. (optional)
    • Your Twitter and/or Facebook URL.  (optional)
  5. Send it all in an email to lisa [at] readysetsunday [dot] com. Make sure the total attachment size isn’t greater than 15MB. If so, send multiple emails.

Please keep these things in mind as you share:

  • We may edit your write-up as needed.
  • We may choose to not post everything that is shared.
  • Your pictures may be added to the album for that month, even if we don’t post a blog with your write-up.

Thanks for sharing!