04 Apr Velcro

velcroI’ve been amazed at how much velcro we use when creating sets and designing set elements. While it can be expensive, it is a must-have for us. It’s one of those things that you wouldn’t think of using, but then find it works for some of the strangest applications.









For example, we created a “Sweet Shoppe” when we worked on the Life App of Grace and our entire soda shop counter was pieces of foam core that we attached using velcro.

It also serves as a way to hang things on our Family Experience set. We velcro signs, framed art, etc. onto the backdrop when we have our Family Experience (see KidStuf Clubhouse sign above door, framed dog poster and framed bird poster) and then take them down when it’s time to cover the FX set with our monthly environment backdrop. The velcro is thin enough that it can stay there for the next FX, but it doesn’t get in the way of our monthly set. 

A very versatile tool, we wouldn’t leave the hardware store without it!