17 Apr #Throwback Thursday – Life App of Respect – September, 2012

Life App: Respect—showing others they are important by what you say and do.
Theme: Flight Plan
Date: September, 2012

FYI – This set was completed prior to the launch of this blog. Posts about more current sets usually include information about our brainstorming sessions, necessary supplies, and the full process we used to create the environment. While these have not been included for this set, I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about them. Feel free to contact me here.

Set Design – Beyond the Stage

It’s been a while since we worked on this set, but what I remember loving the most about it, was how we carried the theme beyond just what was on our stage. The actual set itself spilled over into the space where the kids sat for our large group production and decor was incorporated throughout the entire environment.

For this theme, we began the experience for each child the moment they stepped foot into the environment. We did this by transforming our registration area into an “airport terminal” complete with boarding passes for each child and a security checkpoint.

We kicked off large group each week by announcing that it was time to “board” Flight 252, and invited children through a “jetway,” where we collected their boarding pass upon entrance. Once the children were seated, it was supposed to feel as though they were in an airplane with the cockpit up front (on the stage) and a lit aisle dividing the children into two sides of the plane.  We included blue sky with clouds on either side of the plane to create a feeling of being “in the air” while on the plane during large group. Originally, we wanted to continue the walls of the plane (complete with small window cut-outs) on either side of where the kids sit. But because of our need to be multi-purpose, we knew we would not be able to remove the walls easily each week, so we left the sides of the plane open.

Each part of our environment incorporated the Flight Plan theme including a pilot costume for the host. It was so much fun to watch the kids interact with our decor each week. This was by far, one of my favorite themes!