15 Oct Service – Always Open, Service With A Smile – February 2019

Life App: Service, Lending a hand to help someone else.
Theme: Always Open, Service With a Smile
Date: February, 2019

I probably say this about almost every set, but I think this was by far one of my favorites! It was so much fun to create and so much fun to “host/waitress” in each week. The kids loved it and I loved everything about it… well, except having to tell kids they couldn’t sit at the counter stools because they would break. A shower curtain pole and painted insulation foam may look great, but they don’t exactly hold much beyond a stray script or paper plate from the opening game! Read on to learn about how we created this faux diner scene.


  • Five pieces of insulation foam painted white
  • Menus created from blue craft foam with white poster board, held on with pink tape outline
  • Sticker letters/numbers to create menu titles, items and prices
  • Black tape to section off “tile backsplash”
  • Black card stock squares glued to white backdrop in checkered pattern within backsplash section
  • Pink tape stripes to separate black and white checkered pattern
  • Pink pool noodles to create poles attached to backdrop from counter to top
  • Decorative boxes turned upside down and placed over top of pool noodles to create decorative poles
  • Preteen game slide graphics printed and turned into signs/decorations for backdrop walls
  • Plastic “vinyl records” pinned to backdrop walls
  • All colors where chosen to match the color scheme in the 252 Kids and Preteen graphics


  • Insulation foam cut to size and pinned together to form rectangular base
  • Base of counter painted white
  • Black card stock squares glued to create checkered pattern on base
  • Large piece of insulation foam cut to overhang rectangular base, painted gray, lined edges with silver metallic tape
  • Sundae glasses from Dollar Store with play dough formed into ice cream
  • Plastic plates in pinks and blues to match color scheme in graphics
  • Trays, straws, and old fashioned soda bottles added to counter for decor
  • 50’s themed – cupcake holder from Oriental trading to add height to center of counter decor


  • Insulation foam cut into 3 circles of the same size, painted blue to match graphics
  • All 3 circles glued together to create height
  • Bottom circle of seat accented with silver metallic tape to resemble chrome
  • Shower curtain pole cut to desired stool height
  • Smaller circle cut from insulation foam for base of stool, painted gray, accented with metallic tape
  • Shower curtain pole screwed to base and inserted into seat

Side Tables/Flooring

  • Card tables and chairs
  • Plastic table cloths to match color scheme
  • Plastic plates, napkins, silverware to match color scheme
  • 50’s themed card board diner jukeboxes stacked to create centerpieces
  • Checkered runner cut to size and placed to outline counter

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