28 Mar Binder Clips

binder clipsThese clips have multiple uses for us. Our backdrops are created by placing painted insulation foam sheets in front of a permanent backdrop that was created out of plywood and is used for our quarterly FX. Prior to installing the hinged metal backdrop holders that we currently have on our stage, we used to place binder clips at the top of permanent backdrop and leave one of the silver handles extended. We would then place a T-Pin through the handle and into the foam core. Two or three of these at the top of each sheet of insulation foam held the panels in place.

In addition, we use these clips to hang things from the ceiling at times. It is not our favorite option, but when we are in a pinch, we will slide the binder clip over a piece of the ceiling tile grid and hook the fishing line, ribbon, etc. in between the binder clip and the ceiling tile track.