10 Apr Let’s Collaborate – May’s Environment – Endurance!

Life App: Endurance—sticking with what you started even when it gets tough.
Theme: Breakthrough: Never Give Up!
Date: May, 2014

Starting Early!

I know we’ve all just finished Week 1 of Humility – Be Our Guest and it might be hard to think about creating a new set just yet. If you’re like me, you need a breather this week because last week was consumed with putting together April’s set, but I’ve actually had several readers ask about ideas for May.

So, while I have not met with my creative team yet, I thought I’d throw it out there and see if any of you have started brainstorming and putting ideas together for May’s Life App of Endurance.

The interaction on the blog has been so terrific and I continue to learn so much from you all. I love seeing all of the finished products and how we are all helping one another across the miles! Way cool.

So… let’s hear it. What have you got up your sleeve for your May – Endurance – Breakthrough – Never Give Up – Stick With It – Environments?

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