24 May Let’s Collaborate – June & July Environment – Friendship!

Life App: Friendship—treating others the way you want to be treated.
Theme: Harmony
Date: June & July, 2014

My Apologies!

k5597202Tomorrow is the last Sunday in May! I can’t believe it. I want to apologize for not getting our “Let’s Collaborate” post for June/July out sooner. I’m a bit jumbled because our church is finally getting ready to move into our new building next week. We’ve had a series of delays that led to us meeting in a temporary space on Saturday nights throughout March and April, and we haven’t been able to meet at all throughout the month of May – so – it’s been a bit crazy. But we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and we’re very excited!

All Mixed Up!

Logo SlideWe will actually not be implementing the Friendship series until July and August. Those are our “summer months” here in the Mid-Atlantic, so we are going to use Orange’s Summer XP, Turn It Up as our five week series in June. Then, we’ll kick off the theme of Friendship as our Summer XP, beginning in July. I know that seems a bit backwards to use a designated Summer XP during a month of regularly scheduled programming, and then switch to a curriculum that was created as part of the regular schedule, during our summer months – but we just love the idea of learning about Friendship all summer long! It seemed to be the perfect theme for summer and we are excited to turn it into a Summer XP for our kids and families. We chose Turn It Up for June because we needed curriculum that would give us five weeks for the month of June. Turn It Up is written as a five day VBS, so we decided to use the five days as our five Sundays in June. It’s also a great review of the One Big Story theme we’ve focused on throughout this past school year.

It’s Up to You Guys!

photo 2I’ve just completed a series of posts about how we program for summer. In those posts, you can read about how we create an entirely different environment for the summer. As we get closer to turning the Friendship Series into a Summer XP for July and August, I’ll post our plan. We have some preliminary ideas brewing, but right now we are focused on moving into our new space and preparing for Turn It Up.

So, I’m counting on you all to share the wonderful, brilliant ideas you have cooking for June’s Harmony Theme! Get Ready. Get Set. SHARE!