29 Apr Humility: Upside Down – April 2020, Our Finished Product

In a Corner of My Basement

Like all of you, April looked very different given the current Social Distancing and Stay at Home mandates. We changed our plan in March for how we would go about April’s set, given that we could not be in our church building. You can read about how we modified our plan HERE.

The set I ended up creating took up a small corner of my basement and included some of the original concepts we had hoped to use… they were just tweaked. A LOT! I invited our elementary families to participate in the creation of the set by giving them a few projects and asking them to send me digital photos of their finished products. 

Mental Health Pick-Me-Up

Nothing was as we planned, but somehow – I loved this set. Engaging parents and giving their kids something to do, felt good at a time when I was struggling to connect with families and help them. Plus, it provided a place for me to promote the online content Orange provided for us each week.

It’s not as polished as the set my team would have built, but it was something. And I loved having my time occupied with something I got to create! It did my heart good to have a project to work on and feel like I was accomplishing something.

Here is our finished product…

Promo Videos for Our Online Content

Each week, I stood in the “corner of my basement” and recorded myself revealing the bottom line and key question for the week by spinning the humility wheel “upside down.” It was a way for me to point our families to the online content we were putting on our website so they could engage with their kids and have “church” at home. I would post the new video each week on our Elementary Parent Facebook Page

This is my Week 1 video for April: