09 Apr Gaffer’s Tape

Gaffer’s Tape is widely used in production environments. Most of the time it is used to secure cables and wires to the floor for safety. It also hides the cables from being seen by audiences. We like Gaffer’s Tape for that reason, but also find that it’s strength, durability, and easy clean up lend itself to a variety of other purposes. We use Gaffer’s tape to finish out the rough edges of a piece of insulation foam and give it a clean look. We also use it so secure fishing line to foam core signage that we hang from the ceiling. Gaffer’s Tape is similar to duct tape, but it has a cleaner look (smooth and more polished) and when it’s removed it does not leave any gummy residue. While it is more expensive than duct tape, we find it useful for many things and include it as a staple in our production environment.