01 Apr Forgiveness: DIY – March 2020, Our Finished Product

Life App: Forgiveness – Deciding that someone who has wronged you doesn’t have to pay
Theme: DIY – Forgiveness is Up to You
Date: March 2020

The Best Laid Plans…

We were so excited about our plans for March’s set. You can read the details of that plan HERE but basically, our March set was home to our “C3 Kids Workshop.” In that C3 Kids Workshop we planned to take on the most fun DIY project ever – April’s set!

It all started out just fine. During week’s 1 & 2 of March, our set design team began work on some of the large parts of the April set (the spinning wheel and the truck from the April graphics) and the kids worked on one of their assigned projects (clouds). But, like all of you, that’s about as far as we got. COVID-19 turned our world UPSIDE DOWN and the theme for April became a reality of our lives as the world seemed to be turned upside down overnight. 

Like you, we’ve been scrambling to figure out how to best connect with families from our church at this time. We’re using online options and we are so grateful to Orange for all of the free resources they’ve prepared for us! Orange has made these resources free and available to churches everywhere. You can find them HERE

But even with the amazing online resources, there isn’t really a way to incorporate a set, given the current social distancing restrictions and mandates… or is there? Look for a post about some ideas we have for that soon. In the meantime, here is our finished product for our March set and the progress we made on April’s set while we were still able to meet in person:

March Set – Finished Product

This was the set on the first week of the March. No “projects” had been completed, but we deconstructed February’s set in order to use some of the materials for our DIY project (i.e. the oversized headphones and iPhone). Our plans were hung on the peg board backdrop so the host could refer to our progress throughout the month. 

March – Week 1 – Progress on our DIY Project of April’s Set

Our team went to work on their first project – cutting last month’s iPhone into the shape of a truck and making it into a 3-D piece that resembled the truck from April’s graphics. The 6′ circle (2 pieces at this phase) was also painted orange and white to mimic the April graphic.

March – Week 2 – Progress on our DIY Project of April’s Set

The team went to work painting the truck white with black tires and gave the two half circles (our spinning wheel) a second coat of paint, while the kids took on their first project – clouds!

That’s as far as we got before we had to stop meeting in person due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

But then… I had an idea for how we could still utilize the set in videos throughout the month of April. Stay tuned for more details!