01 Mar Cutting Foam Core

Cutting foam core can be tedious and tricky but if you have the right equipment, it makes the process a lot easier. A lot depends on the type of foam core you are cutting, as different knives work best on certain types of foam core. Below is a list of the different types of foam core we use and the knife that works best on each:

Insulation Foam

This is the type of foam core we use for our backdrops and sets. When cutting insulation foam we use a hot knife. This enables us to carve the foam core into various shapes and helps when we want a curved edge. The hot knife makes this process quick and easy.

We do use a sharp utility knife on insulation foam when we need a straight edge. The hot knife does not leave a clean edge but the utility knife will cut a straight, clean line.

Craft Foam Core

This is the type of foam core we use when creating signage or small elements for our set. It is necessary to use a sharp utility knife when cutting craft foam core because the hot knife will burn the paper coating. 

Craft/Floral Styrofoam

We do not use this often, but when we do I find a long kitchen bread knife or an electric carving knife to be the best option for cutting. Be prepared, this type of styrofoam splinters/flakes as you cut it and can create a bit of a mess!