28 Feb Create a Creative Process

We have tried a variety of different things to enhance our creative process for building sets and creating environments. For now, we’ve landed on this rhythm.

3 Weeks Out: Email Creative Team

About three weeks prior to the start of a new month, I send and e-mail to my entire team. This e-mail includes the following: The Life App we’ll be focused on in the coming month. The “Get Ready” section from Week 1 in the large group script. The large group visuals for the suggested theme and life app.

2 Weeks Out: Brainstorm

Two weeks prior to the start of the month, we hold a brainstorming session. These usually occur briefly on a Sunday during one of our services. Anyone on the team is welcome to come and bring their ideas for creating our environment.

1 Week Out: Get Materials

In the next week, we shop for any resources and materials we will need to create our set.

Week Of: Build It

The week prior to the first Sunday of the month (when we kick off the new life app) we ask anyone on the team who is available, to come out and help construct the set. It is harder for me to be out at night, but I am trying to include at least one evening work session, as so many of our volunteers work during the day.

This is a new process for us. We’ll keep tweaking it and let you know where we land. What about you? Do you have a process for creating your monthly environment?