10 Apr Ceiling Hooks

Because our space is multi-purpose, we need to remove our decor each week. We like to hang things from the ceiling and often have elements of our set that will need to hang from the ceiling or be secured by adding additional rope from the ceiling. Since we need to remove these elements weekly, we came up with a system for hanging and removing decor. Here’s what we do:Ceiling Hooks

We place the Command Hooks shown on the right wherever we need them on the ceiling tile grid. We chose this type of hook because the hook itself is not stationary. Because the hook swivels it is easier to hang things from it. In addition, this particular type of hook is inconspicuous. After placing the hook on the ceiling tile grid, we loop whatever we are using to hang decor (ribbon, fishing line, rope etc.) through a binder ring. Then we use our high reach pole to hook the binder ring to the hook on the ceiling. This gives a clean look because the white or clear adhesive part is not seen against a white drop tile ceiling.