Who Am I?

My name is Lisa Molite and I am married to John Molite – my college sweetheart. We have two incredible daughters (Gabby and Taylor) who are both grown but still our greatest joys! I am the Director of Elementary at Community Christian Church (CCC) in White Marsh, MD. We use 252 Kids/Preteen curriculum and I personally love all things Orange!

My job at CCC encompasses several things. I lead a team of about 75 people including coaches, small group leaders, resource team members, large group hosts, worship leaders, techies, storytellers, a set design team and more. I’ve worked in ministry for over 15 years and have served in two different church plants prior to stepping into my role at my current church.  I love every aspect of this job, but my favorite thing about it (aside from the obvious answer of helping kids follow Jesus) is creating engaging environments for kids and families!

Sunday’s always coming!

If you’ve worked in Children’s Ministry in any capacity, you may be able to relate to the feeling that “Sunday’s always coming!” This phrase is a great depiction of what happens when you work in a church context where Sunday is a big day. When Sunday is the priority, other things can get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list as you prepare for Sunday each and every week!

Ready Set Sunday is here to help

My desire is to help churches (specifically, but not limited to, those who use 252 Kids/Preteen Curriculum) make that “Sunday’s always coming” feeling a little less intimidating. The purpose of this blog is to share ideas, shortcuts, creativity and just plain fun stuff that will help churches create irresistible environments for elementary-aged kids each week. The primary focus is the creation of the physical environment, but we’ll delve into every topic related to creating irresistible environments.

252 Kids/Preteen Users Will Find:

  • Set ideas for each month’s theme
  • Thoughts about various elements of the 252 Kids/Preteen Curriculum (i.e. storytelling, summer series, etc.)
  • Pictures of sets we’ve created
  • Pictures and ideas for environment from other churches
  • Tools, Tips, and Resources we’ve found helpful as we create sets and promote the monthly themes/life apps

Other Curriculum Users Will Find:

  • Pictures of sets we’ve created
  • Pictures of our environment for elementary aged kids
  • Pictures and ideas for elementary environments from other churches
  • Tools, Tips, and Resources we’ve found helpful as we create environments for elementary aged kids

Creating environments for kids

I love decorating, attention to detail, and using my imagination in creating environments. Since 252 Kids/Preteen uses a different theme each month to help teach the various virtues, it gives me the chance to be creative as we change our stage design and room decor each month. I have a set design team that helps me brainstorm ideas each month about how we can create a stage that looks fun and engaging. Putting these ideas together is truly my favorite aspect of my role, hence, the birth of this blog! CCC’s Children & Student Team Leader, Nick Blevins, encouraged me to start this blog as a way to share what we do each month for our set designs, in the hopes of serving other churches who are creating sets and trying to come up with resourceful ways to promote the monthly life app/theme.

We hardly think we have all the answers, we just want to share what we’re up to in the hopes of encouraging other children’s ministry folks out there, as we all work hard to get our environments ready for Sunday each week!

Share what YOU’RE doing

The second part of this blog is my desire to hear and see what you all are up to. I want this blog to be a place for churches to share what they are doing, so we can all learn and glean inspiration from one another. I hope you will join the conversations and send your photos our way so we can get a network of creativity, fun, and imagination going.

Let’s Connect

Twitter: twitter.com/lisamolite

Facebook: facebook.com/lisa.molite.1

Email: lisa [at] readysetsunday [dot] com

Let’s get READY everyone… get SET… and here we go… it’s SUNDAY again!