01 May Poster Board

Poster board is readily available at craft stores, office supply stores, super stores and even supermarkets. It works well when you are creating something that does not need to be used long term and when you do not need the sturdiness of foam core, but want something a bit sturdier than bulletin board paper. It is great for signage, lettering, shapes and more. We especially love the neon colored poster board! Here is an example of how we used it to create a skyline of tall city buildings.

  • Hannah Schletzbaum

    How did you create this? What size did you cut the poster board to? How tall are the towers? Did you draw on the windows or cut and glue them? Sorry for all of the questions, I’d love to do this in my classroom!

    • Lisa Molite

      Hi Hannah… no worries about the questions. I love this kind of dialogue. We used one sheet of neon poster board per section of building and stacked them on top of one another. So, in the photo above there were 3 to four full sized sheets stacked on top of one another. We cut the various shapes/sizes of windows out of each board and then customized the tops of the buildings. We cut certain windows at different angles to create depth. The windows were cut out of the poster board first and then mounted to black craft paper. I think you could cut the windows out of black and glue them on, but we liked the idea of the black coming from “behind” the window. Let me know if you have any other questions.