31 Mar Paint

paintPaint is a staple in our arsenal of supplies. We use various types of paint for different applications (spray paint, craft paint, tempera paint) but our default is always the cheapest latex paint that can be bought at a local hardware store. Most of our backdrops and sets are created out of insulation foam. Latex paint offers good coverage and can be bought in large amounts, so it is budget friendly. Flat paint is always best for set design as the sheen of semi-gloss or eggshell will compete with lighting elements during production and can create a glare.

NOTE: Spray paint can “eat” away at insulation foam. If you are looking for a clean look and do not want the foam compromised in anyway, do not use spray paint. However, we have used this on purpose at times to create various affects… like the lettering for our EPIC Trust series or the gold frames for our Individuality series.