06 May OC19 Breakout Content-How Do I Prep Effectively for a Sunday Experience?

Orange Conference 2019 was different for me in so many ways. All good! As always, I learned a ton from the amazing content that was presented, but I also had the opportunity to lead two breakouts. I’ve linked the Power Point content from my Prepping Effectively for a Sunday Experience Breakout below. All of the charts and schedules I shared can be found in that presentation. 

Prep Effectively for a Sunday Experience

In addition, here is a link to the spreadsheets pictured in the above Power Point. These are editable versions that you can download and make your own.

Template_ Elementary Ministry Responsibilities

Template_ 2 Month Timeline-By Category

Template_ Weekly Rhythm Work Blocks

It was so much fun getting to meet leaders from all over. I loved getting to connect with you all and hope to keep the conversations going! Be sure to take photos of your new TIMELINES, new schedules for your WEEKLY RYTHYM, and of course, the VOLUNTEERS that you are inviting into your process. Share them in the comments below or on Ready Set Sunday’s social media platforms. #operationsundayscoming 🙂