21 Oct Let’s Collaborate – November’s Environment – Wisdom!

Life App: Wisdom – finding out what you should do and doing it.
Theme: Treasure Hunt-Cache in on Wisdom
Date: November, 2013

Doesn’t it feel like we just finished setting up our environments for October?! This month in particular I feel like I blinked and it was time to get ready for November.

My director and I met last week and came up with an initial plan. Set design begins today! I’ll post photos and our process later this week, but I’d love to hear about what you all are planning.

Comment below and share your ideas for your “Cache in on Wisdom” environment. We can collaborate and learn from each other as we go.

Less than two weeks and counting till launch.

Ready… Set… SHARE!


  • Name

    Well I just learned what geocaching is! A modern day treasure hunt….so I am brainstorming a satellite hanging up above us, a giant GPS device on the side, a giant X of course….and small caches decorated around the set….among “trees and bushes” of course…..hmmmm…….still thinking.

    • Very cool ideas. I too had to Google what Geocaching was! I’m getting old. I love the idea of the giant GPS device. I love anything oversized on a set. So much fun!

  • Shelly Fitzsimmons Cheng

    252 has on their blog an easy to make satellite. We are going to make a giant earth (flat) on the wall with the satellite pointing towards it. GPS device on side. Going to use large coffee can as Caches which will hold the Treasure (i.e. Bible verse on small cards) with a log to sign. We are going to place it in different locations throughout the church (ones we want people to visit that they normally wouldn’t) each week with easy>hard coordinates. I’ll send out an email to parents prior to the weekend – great way to get parents involved too. The stage we are thinking of putting a giant map as the backdrop and use maybe historical places during Solomon’s time as featured areas on it.

    • WOW! Such great ideas Shelly. I love the interactive piece with the parents searching for the Cache! Might have to copy that one! Thank you for sharing all of this great info. You are jogging my imagination…exactly what this blog is intended for!

  • Kevin Duecker

    We posted several big green squares with white X’s (about 3-4 ft. in size) on them (similar to the 252 artwork) around the room. We used the projector to trace and cut out the word WISDOM so that it’s about 10-12 feet long along one wall. Then, leading from all the green squares w/ X’s, we put up strips of paper “dash marks” so it looks like a giant treasure map in the room all leading to the giant display of WISDOM on the wall. Kinda gives the room more depth having dash marks on the walls, ceiling, floor, going up and down pillars, etc… Hopefully the kids feel like they’re IN the treasure map!

    • This sounds so terrific Kevin! I love the idea of using the entire space. How fun that the kids will feel like they are actually “in” the treasure map. Way cool. Please send photos… would love to include them in our showcase!