04 Nov Honor – Spotlight, Do You See What I See? – November 2016; Our Process

Life App: Honor—letting someone know you see how valuable they really are.
Theme: Spotlight – Do You See What I See?
Date: November 2016

I’ve loved preparing for this month’s set! Our set design team has done an amazing job and they are really getting creative as they work to make each element of the set “portable.” Take a look at what they’ve done…

Work Night # 1

Red velvet panels

  • A “curtain rod” was created out of 3 – 1 x 1 x 8 pieces of wood
  • Hooks were attached at various points on the rod
  • Loops of paracord were attached to our tracking system against the wall to hold the hooks on the wood rods
  • The top of the velvet panels were folded around the rod (with some slack) and tacked down with carpet tape
  • Each week, we need to just lift the rod(s) off the paracord and store the drapes until our reset


  • The “Oscar” was painted yellow (base coat before spray painting) 
  • The stand-ups were projected, carved, and one side was painted black

Red Carpets

  • Red craft paper was cut into 10 x 2 feet panels and 6 x 2 feet panels
  • Gold, silver, and white stars had the names of all elementary volunteers written on them
  • The stars were attached to the red panels
  • These were taken to an office supply store for laminating
  • The carpets will be taped down and picked back up each week

Work Night #2

Red Velvet Ropes

  • Extra red velvet panels were cut into long strips
  • The strips were folded in half and stapled into long “sleeves”
  • Old jump ropes were threaded into the sleeves and tied to the stanchions
  • The part of the jump rope that tied around the top of the stanchion was covered with black tape
  • The sleeves were bunched to create a velvet rope appearance
  • The black loops that attach to the stanchions make these ropes easy to lift off the base and store


  • Insulation foam was cut into shapes that resembled triangular light beams that would hang against the backdrop
  • Another piece of insulation foam was cut into a half circle for the spotlight on the floor
  • The floor spotlight was measured against the two light beams for width and then a large “compass” made from a pencil and string was used to create the arc
  • All spotlight elements were painted white

Backdrop & Paparazzi

  • All five panels of the backdrop were painted black
  • The Oscar was spray painted gold
  • The 2nd side of the paparazzi standups were painted black and embellished with gray
  • Triangles were cut and painted black
  • The triangles will be attached to the back of the paparazzi so the standups can stand alone


  • I chose specific stand-ups (not pictured) from our church’s collection to stand along the red carpets that will flank the stage (Harry Potter crew, Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, Marvel’s superheroes, etc) 
  • The host will interact with the stand-ups at the beginning of large group each week

I’ll finish setting up all of the elements of the set and environment before Sunday and post final product photos in my next post. How about you? How is your set up coming? Share photos in the comments below or on our Facebook and/or Twitter pages.