22 Feb High Reach Hook

We’ve all been in retail stores where the shirt, sweater, or jacket we want is hanging on the highest hook and we can’t access it without a ladder. When I’ve been in that situation and ask the store clerk for help, they usually get a long pole with a hook on the end that they use to lift the hanger off of the display rack. Because we share our space with the student ministry at our church and have to break down our environment each Sunday, we needed one of those hooks to help hang and take down any decor elements we hang from the ceiling each week.

We never did buy a real high reach hook, because our FX director made us one out of some things we had backstage… a wooden dowel, a hook and some duct tape! If you have a limited budget and can’t afford the real high reach hook, feel free to use our idea. It makes hanging and removing thing from your ceiling each week a lot easier. It saves time and multiple trips up and down the ladder.