25 Mar Forgiveness – Fix It Up – March 2017; Finished Product

Life App: Forgiveness – deciding that someone who has wronged you doesn’t have to pay  
Theme: Fix It Up – A Forgiveness Project
Date: March 2017

C3K Workshop – A Place for Forgiveness!

We have had a blast in our C3K Workshop this month. It’s funny how our set is a perfect mess. You know what I mean right? It’s a workshop so there are tools and materials and things everywhere – making it look like there is a work in progress kinda thing going on, yet – objects have been placed just right and that makes it look like a fun, inviting place to work!

I have loved this set and the stories we’ve had the opportunity to tell in it! As we’ve taught about the Life App of Forgiveness we’ve been able to connect this big idea to kid’s lives through the use of our set. Have I mentioned that I LOVE interactive sets before? 😉 The Host each week had the chance to forgive someone for messing up their dog house project. The stories utilized tools and props from around the workshop each week (my favorite was the story of the lost sheep, as I got to use modern day tools like a paint roller on an extension pole for a shepherd’s staff). And, we got to teach about the amazing grace and forgiveness of God, while helping kids learn how to apply that to real life relationships that needed “fixing up.”

61zrfuuzucl-_sl1200_Hammer the Hounddog

I’m excited to wrap up this week with “Hammer the Hound-dog” making his appearance. I think our kids believe there will be a real dog coming in this week to act as our “C3 Kids mascot.” That’s the angle we’ve played up… so I hope they aren’t disappointed. But the dog I found will become our actual “C3K Mascot” and I will do what I can to ensure his appearance on future sets! To quote Agnes on Despicable Me – “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!”

Here is the progression of Hammer’s doghouse:

Week 1









Week 2







Week 3










Week 4










Here is a peek at the entire finished set:

How was your series on Forgiveness? Did your set play a part in the storytelling this month? Share in the comments below.