20 Sep Courage – Fear Incorporated – October 2016; Our Plan

Life App: Courage—being brave enough to do what you should do, even when you’re afraid.
Theme: Fear Incorporated
Date: October 2016


Each month, Ready Set Sunday will create a Pinterest Board as part of our brainstorming process. Check out our October Pinterest Board here.

All Systems Go!

Our new process for our set design was in place for October, and it worked really well. I’m in the midst of a series on this new process, so be sure to read Part 1 here.

The ideas my team had for October’s set included some really fun, sort of scary, but not too Halloween-ish plans. When we first began thinking about this month’s theme, I told the team that I did not mind using spiders, spooky trees, cats, etc, but I did not want to have any “dark” or paranormal type things around our environment. We are a church for people who are not a part of any church and I am absolutely fine to engage with culture and try to be as relevant as possible. Leaning toward the Halloween theme to a degree, was fine with me, but I just thought we’d draw the line with anything too “dark” or involving paranormal activity. So no ghosts, goblins, witches, graveyards, etc.

Brainstorming Session Ideas

Here are some ideas that came out of our initial brainstorming…

  • 16oct_11x17poster_verse_blankCreate the setting from the graphics with the house and the moon behind the house glowing through the windows and a fence. Glow in the dark “eyes” of different shapes surrounding the house, perhaps the moon in glow in the dark paint…..throw some cobwebs around, maybe cat silhouettes….maybe the fence could be on the perimeter of the stage and… maybe a smoke machine?
  • Use the “house” as if it were the headquarters of Fear Incorporated and things around the house/yard would be stuff we might be afraid of and want to conquer our fear of … spiders, etc.
  • Create the stage to look like the office of Fear Incorporated. That backdrop could be the house and we are inside.
  • 2dd25d2f57b543db07988c7acbe8fa35Repaint the van from last year’s “Are We There Yet?” set – to match the graphic, with a “Fear, Inc.” logo. Put it in the middle of the stage with the blue backdrop like in the house graphic and a moon, but just include creepy trees instead of all of the other stuff that might make it feel too “Halloween-y.” Make it more 3d with the trees coming out somehow on either side of the van so it looks like it’s riding through the forest. The Host could start off in the van each week like he/she is heading out (with courage) to the spot they were challenged to go that week. Could still incorporate some of the other elements on the stage too.
  • Make the house all black like in the graphics and then have it backlit so the windows glow (either a yellow light or yellow paper in the windows). Put a sign on the house or a mailbox at the edge of the stage with the same Fear Inc. logo?

Where We Landed

What’s awesome about our final concept is that it includes each person’s idea from the brainstorming session in some way shape or form. Here’s our plan:

  • img_2608Our backdrop will be painted dark blue – like an evening sky
  • We will project and trace four-six spooky trees on insulation foam
  • We will project and trace the house from the 252 Basics graphics on insulation foam
  • We will project and trace the moon from the 252 Basics graphics on insulation foam
  • We will carve the trees, house, and the moon with a hot knife
  • We’ll paint the moon with glow-in-the-dark paint
  • We’ll paint the house and trees black
  • We are getting our VW bus from last year’s “Are We There Yet?” set out of storage and painting it purple to match the graphics
  • We’ll get a Phototex Sticker that says Fear Incorporated to hang on the backdrop or the van
  • The van will sit off to one side of the stage and the host will enter from it each week
  • Trees will surround the van as if it is driving through a forest
  • The house will hang on the backdrop but will be backlit in each window with string lights
  • The moon will hang in the center in-between the house and the van

Our first Work Night is this week. Pictures to follow!

How about you? What are you planning for October’s Fear Incorporated sets? Share on our Facebook page, Twitter or in the comments below.