17 Mar BEHIND THE SCENES – Video: Flipping a Stage

Welcome to Ready.Set.Sunday’s first “Behind the Scenes” Video!

My hope is to “pull back the curtain” and go behind the scenes of set design and environment decor by creating “how-to” videos of various things that could help create irresistible environments! This first video gives a look at how to flip a stage/room from a children’s environment to a student ministry environment. Hopefully, you’ll get to see that the same space can house multiple environments with just a little tweaking.

I’d love to hear about what subjects you might like to see on video (i.e. how to use a hot knife, various types of foam and what type to use when, etc.). Be sure to share your requests in the comment section below. For now, thanks for reading/watching.

Get READY. Get SET. SUNDAY will be here before you know it!

  • Chris Beach

    This is awesome! Well done, Lisa. I wish I had more of my set for that week to display for your readers.

    • Lisa Molite

      Thanks Chris! It still looked great! New building posts will feature pics of your entire environment for sure.

  • Gabby

    that was totally wicked! have you been using iMovie?? 😉

    • Lisa Molite

      Yes ma’am I sure have. Learning as I go!

  • Lindsey Garza

    What are those panels that you use to cover the walls?

    • Lisa Molite

      Hey Lindsey … we use 8’x4’x1″ insulation foam panels that we purchase from the local hardware store. Here is a link to more info about how we use it: http://readysetsunday.com/stuff-we-like-must-have-tools/

      Within that link I’ve linked other posts on the blog that will give some hints about how to use it. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Lindsey Garza

    OMG, Thanks, These are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lisa Molite

      So glad they were helpful!